John Carmack speaks at SMU Dedman School of Law’s Tsai Center Innovation Lecture 3/21/2018

  • Why do think that we can do something unusual? It is always easier when we have evidence of something possible.
  • Work/life balance: ** Obsession is sometimes useful. ** We have more then 100 hours after sleep per week. ** If we dedicate 60 hours to work, we will still have 40 hours for family. ** Sundays are always for family.

The Early Days of id Software The GDC-2016 talk.

  • Great tools help build great games. Spend as much time on your tools as needed.
  • Do not postpone bugfixes.

John Carmack Tech Talk with UMKC-SCE

  • You can optimize some single step of your pipeline to theoretically possible limit. But by understanding your pipeline as a whole - you can completely eliminate that step, driving it’s cost to zero.
  • Communicating with other teams (and companies) is important - they might be able to make critical change for you very cheaply. Working with systems as a given black box can hide potential optimizations.





Overwatch Gameplay Architecture and Netcode GDC-2017 talk about Overwatch architecture and networking.

  • ECS - Entity Component Systems. Game world is a bunch of Components - plain data structure hierarchies without behavior. Every tick, Systems walk through Components and modify them. This helps with decoupling.
  • Prediction in networking. How rollbacks and quanization helps.